Learn About Leasing vs. Financing a Kia near East Stroudsburg, PA


Learn About Leasing vs. Financing a Kia near East Stroudsburg, PA

The time has come for you to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle, and you're so laden down with options that you have no idea what to do. Do you pick a car or SUV? What color do you get? What kind of powertrain will you most enjoy? Plus, you'll ultimately have to decide whether you want to lease or finance your purchase -- a decision that should not be made lightly. After all, you'll be driving and making payments on this car for the next few years! Luckily, our team of Kia finance experts is here to help you figure out what's best. When you come to our Kia dealership near East Stroudsburg, PA, our finance professionals will happily explain the differences between financing and leasing, and they'll work with you to make sure the option you pick aligns with your budget. Gain a better understanding of your choices, and make sure to contact us with any questions you have along the way.

Financing a Kia:

If you're ready to own your very own Kia, turn to the expert financing staff at Abeloff. We'll help you find the right car or SUV for your lifestyle, and outline a payment plan that works on your budget. This option requires a bit more responsibility than a lease, and you'll pay a higher cost up front. However, the pay-off is that when you're done making payments, your Kia is yours and you can do with it as you please. 

  • Financing a Kia requires a larger down payment and higher monthly payments than leasing, but all payments go toward eventual ownership, and once it's paid off you're done.
  • You're not tied to a lease contract, which means you can sell or trade your Kia whenever you want without worrying about any early termination fees.
  • If you know this is the Kia you want to drive for years to come, you'll enjoy having payments spread out over several years rather than packed into a shorter lease period.
  • You can customize your vehicle with OEM Kia parts and accessories and truly make it your own.

Leasing a Kia:

If you prefer a little more flexibility when it comes to your cars, then leasing is probably the better option for you. A lease requires a smaller down payment, and your monthly payments are much less than what you'd pay if you were financing. Leasing is also a great way to ensure you'll always have a brand-new car to drive, and that it's outfitted with the most modern technology available. Plus, if you want an eco-friendly car now but might prefer a more powerful SUV in a few years, this option makes more sense. You're not tied to one car for too long, and can completely walk away when your lease matures if that's what you want.

  • If you don't have enough money saved to buy a car, you'll enjoy the smaller down payment and smaller monthly payments that come with leasing.
  • At the end of your lease contract, you won't own your vehicle, which means you'll have more options as to what you'd like to do next. At that point, you can always opt to buy your Kia, upgrade to the next model year, lease a new Kia or simply turn it in and walk away.
  • While you can't customize a leased Kia, you can look forward to enjoying new technology every few years when you lease your next ride.
  • If you don't log a ton of miles onto your odometer, then leasing is a smart option -- a mileage limit won't affect you.